It's Real

My journey from pressed and straight hair to the world of locks but not just any locks...Sisterlocks!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pics from March 2007 - April 2007

I have been wearing my Sisterlocks pulled back off of my face for awhile. They are getting so long that it's hard to manage. Several friends and I had birthdays in March; therefore, I had a lot of parties to attend. I wore bantu knots at night to get the "curly do."

In April I visited my hometown of Detroit to kick it with my Dad for his birthday and to spend time with my family. Lately, I've been too tired to put the knots in at night so I've just been wearing them straight and pulled back. I'm still loving my Sisterlocks! So take a look at my slideshow and enjoy my journey.

4 months until my 3 year anniversary!